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Weekly Market Review

Weekly Market Review

Good afternoon,


OMG, So what do we need to do now? My guy didn’t win.  Or he did.

Will taxes go up? More regulation? Are they going to change the estate tax rules? What about capital gain treatment? Or social security? Great questions all.  And the appropriate answer at this time is that we don’t know. Just like we don’t make any knee jerk reactions to market movements or other news flashes, we shall not make any abrupt decisions due to political outcomes. Rather than spend any of our limited time left on Earth reading projections or predictions about what may or may not happen, we’ll wait until there are actual changes made to relevant tax laws, estate laws and/or various regulations. Upon seeing those, we shall re-evaluate our planning decisions and make appropriate changes as necessary. In the meantime, we continue to stand by our motto that math wins, and we’ll continue to own shares in the constantly rising dividends of the greatest companies in the world.


Oh yeah, and there’s news that a covid vaccine, supposedly a very effective one, will be available soon. That sent the market higher the day it was announced. The WMR is cautiously optimistic, medical solutions like vaccines can take a minute and we wouldn’t want this to be rushed. We also think that the market reaction was overdone. Certain companies, biotechs for example, went up quickly while other “work from home” stocks, Zoom for instance, went down quickly. A viable vaccine would be fantastic, of course, but it won’t stop people from continuing to work from home.  The world will eventually get back to some sort of normal, but it may take longer than we think and it may look a little different than it used to.


Let’s use the discussion of a vaccine to remind readers that now is a great opportunity to examine various strategies for making yourself healthier and boosting your immune system. And honestly, I’m a bit frustrated that more of this kind of information isn’t getting out there. This is a perfect chance to educate people on how to be healthier in the first place so that your body can help fight off any illnesses or viruses. I’m not a doctor and I don’t play one on the interwebs, but I am a long time health, nutrition and exercise junkie. I’ve been researching these topics for more years than I care to disclose and am still doing so. Like I do with finance, especially behavioral finance, I’m continually learning and adjusting my diet and exercise program. Check with your healthcare provider and/or your trainer, but simple things like vitamin c, vitamin d and zinc have been proven immunity enhancers.

Some of these vitamins can be obtained with a balanced diet, but some cannot and may need to be supplemented.  And a quick word about diet, there are any number of diets that can be effective, paleo, keto, vegan, carnivore, vegetarian, et. al. The difficulty can lie in determining which is right for you and often that takes time and experimentation. Once you find one you like that works, stick with it. Exercise programs are similar, there are many that can work. Your body doesn’t know how you burn calories and the human body was built to be in motion.  Whether it be running, swimming, playing tennis, riding a bike, etc. so just pick one that you like and stick with it. I do suggest adding some amount of resistance training to your workout program. Much like owning shares in the constantly rising dividends of the greatest companies in the world in order to thwart the effects of inflation on your portfolio, resistance training is proven to thwart the effects of aging on the body. See what I did there? For more information, go to my website, and click on Physical Fitness. Or give me a call and let’s talk about it.


Us golf nerds are excited because this is Master’s week.  Moved to November this year, Augusta is mecca for golfers. Tiger Woods is the defending champ and though they’ll play without fans this year, it still promises to be fun. Not as much fun as Tiger walking down 18 fairway to victory last year, but still fun. Remember that?

Jon Rahm got off to a good start with an unusual hole in one during a practice round. He skipped off a pond, onto the green and into the cup. Wow.


Millionaires, or I should say multi millionaires,  have problems too. An argument over an outdoor sculpture evolved into a sort of feud and prompted one neighbor to continuously blare the theme from Gilligan’s Island to the other house.

Gilligan’s Island, that’s pretty funny. Not exactly a television classic, but I am familiar with it. Did you ever see that episode of the show where they were about to get off the island and then Gilligan screwed it up?


I don’t recall if I’ve ever mentioned it in the WMR before, but I’ve long thought that health insurance for pets should be a thing.  Pets need health care too and it can be expensive, so why not insure them? While talking with my cousin Mike over the years, who is in the pet business (shameless plug here, He informed me that it is indeed a thing. Not a very big thing yet, but definitely a thing.  Well now WalMart thinks it’s a thing too.

I wonder if I need additional licensing to provide pet insurance.  Which reminds me of a story where a man goes into a fishing supply store and looks at the various lures. He asks the owner “do the fish like them?’  The owner replies, “I’m not sure, I don’t sell them to fish.”


In just a bit of personal news, my son’s college announced that they will remain remote for the rest of the school year. Like now and continuing in January, he’ll work from his on campus apartment. Such a bummer for the kids. My oldest daughter has sent out her various college applications and she still isn’t allowed to visit any of them in person. Another bummer for the kids. Her school is supposed to open partially in person next month, but we’ll see. And finally, my youngest daughter, now equipped with a valid driver’s permit, has become vastly more interested in running errands on the weekends than she had been previously. Not as interested as she was when she was small and errands usually ended with ice cream, but more interested than the last few years for sure. Which is good for Dad and perhaps a bummer to other drivers on the roads.


LF26 – “We don’t stop playing because we grow old, we grow old because we stop playing.” – George Bernard Shaw.


Have a great week and stay healthy.


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