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Weekly Market Review

Weekly Market Review

Good afternoon,


Alex, I’ll take “good luck with that” for $1000.

Ok, please answer in the form of a question. Which ponzi scheme mastermind has appealed to President Trump to reduce his 150 year prison sentence?

Who is Bernie Madoff?


Call us cynical, but the WMR doesn’t think that the POTUS, Alex Trebek, or anyone else, has any interest in showing any leniency for the criminal behind one of the greatest ponzi schemes in history.


Please choose your next category.

I’ll take “Ooops it happened again for $1000.”

The answer is, what used to be in your wallet?

What is Capital One 100 million person data breach?


Call us cynical, but these data breach things seem to be becoming a regular occurrence.  Be careful with your sensitive data out there on the interwebs.


Still your choice.

How about “Out of control” for $2000 please?

The answer is a synonym for the metaphoric drunken sailors on shore leave.

What are politicians with taxpayer money?


Unbelievable. A WMR mantra, we chant this as we meditate, is spend less than you earn. No politician on either side seems to have any concept. Someday, perhaps, someday, the accounts will have to balance, but at the moment, no one seems to care.


You’re on a roll, choose again.

Let’s try “speaking of politicians” for $1200.

Ok, the answer is name 5 of the current democratic presidential candidates.

Who are Bernie, Beto, Joe, Elizabeth….and, um….um….I’m sorry Alex I just don’t know.

Oh too bad, that one will cost you.

If the WMR calendar is correct, and we believe it is, there are nearly 15 months until the election.  Way too early for us to begin paying attention.


Next category

Let’s try “things the WMR is interested in” for $1600.

You’ve found the DAILY DOUBLE! How much would you like to wager?

Alex, let’s make it a true daily double, we’ll wager it all.

Excellent. The answer is a medical doctor who studies anti aging, health and human performance.

Who is Dr. Peter Attia.

Yes. Well done.

We, and we’re only speaking for Mike and the WMR, like Dr. Attia’s stuff. His website, his podcasts, etc. If you have interest in health, anti aging and performance, check it out. We happened to be chatting nutrition with some golf buddies during a round over the weekend, which is a subject area that we’re pretty well versed in, and one golfer commented that we should market ourselves as a Guardian of the Wealth of the Most Productive People on Earth, with a minor in Exercise and Nutrition.  Hmmm, that’s not a bad idea….


And the category for the last clue on the board, “help your friends.”

The answer is one simple way to assist your friends with one important part of their life.

What is introduce them to Mike and the WMR.

Correct again.

We were asked the other day whether we still accept referrals for potential new clients. We do. We prefer to call them introductions. If you know someone that you think might benefit from a short, confidential chat with us, please pass our info along. We’ll do what we can to rescue them from their current advisor.


Our question for Final Jeopardy is “name one or more ways to appease a grumpy teenage girl who worked in a retail clothing store for 3 days in a row.”

Alex, that’s a trick question. There is no correct answer.

Exactly right! We’ll see you next time on WMR Jeopardy. Thanks for watching.


LF25 – “Service to others is the rent you pay for your room here on Earth.” – Muhammad Ali.


What is have a great week.



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