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Weekly Market Review

Weekly Market Review

Good afternoon,


Noise, noise, noise. Just a constant hum from every direction with information that seems important but really isn’t. A sampling: To Brexit or Not To Brexit, that is the question. Trade war with China or no trade war with China. Tensions with Iran, again. Political battles between the left and right, ho hum. Markets up a few hundred points or down a few hundred points. And so forth. So much to pay attention to that our heads begin to swim. But should they? Does much of it even matter?  Are the things that the media wants us to pay attention to really that important? Does the chatter really matter? Turn off the notifications on your device. Stay off of social media for a while. Don’t pay attention to the incessant ramblings of the various announcers in the media. And breathe. In through the nose for a count of 4. Hold for a count of 7. Exhale through the mouth for a count of 8. Repeat this 5 times. There. Don’t you feel better already?


Well, some people in this survey don’t. Among other stats in this article, it says that 25% of people worry about money “all the time.”

All the time is a lot. We get it. Money is a big deal. Very important to anyone and everyone. Over the years, we’ve been known to throw out nuggets of wisdom like “Money isn’t the most important thing in the world, but it’s right up there with oxygen.” Or, “We just want to help our clients accumulate enough money so that they don’t have to worry about money.” It’s a behavioral finance issue. Control the things you can about money and the rest will take care of itself. Spend less than you earn and invest the difference. The only possible outcome is to become wealthier.


“Wall Street misunderstands Tesla.” Says an analyst who’s price target is 4x the current stock price.

Maybe so, but we think this analyst misunderstands how successful stocks work. We’ve commented before, and continue to stand by it, that Tesla is a very cool product. We’ve ridden in one and the technology and performance are amazing. We also think the Elon Musk is a sort of mad genius. A bit crazy and a ton of showmanship, but undoubtedly smart and can make things happen. Whilst the young WMR was in grad school at Notre Dame, we once had a professor begin a class by saying, “I’m going to tell you how to predict tomorrow’s stock price.” Sweet, we thought, this should be good! “Tomorrow’s stock price is equal to today’s stock price, plus or minus a random number.” Huh?  That doesn’t make sense. “Exactly.”  So back to TSLA stock. In the short term, defined here from intraday to a few years, stock prices can do anything. They can be driven by news, by rumors, by management activity, new product  developments and a host of other things. Over the longer term, many years and more, the only thing that determines stock price is projected future earnings discounted back to present value. The more profit that a company is expected to earn over many years, the more valuable the stock will become. The problem we have with TSLA stock is that it’s not profitable. The company doesn’t make any money. Never has. And doesn’t seem like it will any time soon. So owning it, like owning gold for example, is pure speculation. There is no fundamental reason to own something only because you “think” it should go up. Speculation has a place, a small one, in a portfolio, but only after the main core areas are met.  Just our opinion. Well, not really just our opinion, also our experience over 2 decades of investing.


Have you visited the WMR website yet? or you can also get there by going to or

We’re also already on LinkedIn, and hope to get to Twitter. Although we can’t have our firstname lastname handle on Twitter because another user named Michaela Cho beat us to it. Ours will likely have firstname middleinitial lastname. And we do have #weeklymarketreview, but we can’t post there yet until we get approved.


We mention that because shortly after going live with our web provider, we had a conference call with their back office people in order to set us up correctly for appearance in various search engines and such. So the young lady on the other end of the phone walked us through some phrases and key words and other important things we needed to establish. Which, she tells us, will help raise our status on all the search engines. Except Google.  What do you mean “except Google?” aren’t they the big dog of search engines?

“Yes, but we have to get your site verified by Google first.”

How do we do that?

“Google is going to send you a postcard with a code on it.”

Wait. What?

“Google is going to send you a postcard with a code on it.”

One of the largest tech behemoths in the world is going to send me a postcard??? In the MAIL???

“Yes. They verify that you’re an actual business. When you get the card, call me back so I can input the code.”

And then we’ll be searchable on Google?


Sure enough, the next day our Google postcard arrived via snail mail. Everything old is new again.


Here is a short “how to” for your entertainment.

Follow these simple steps in order to embarrass your teenage daughter while picking her up from school.

  1. Pull up to the front door with your windows down
  2. While she’s with her friends and fellow students
  3. Alongside the other parents who are in their cars and on their phones
  4. Have your radio on
  5. LOUD
  6. Playing “Bad to the Bone” by George Thorogood
  7. Sing along
  8. LOUD


Your teenager will get into the vehicle, slide down into the passenger seat, look at you with angst and say something along the lines of “OMG, Dad! You’re sooooooo embarrassing! Stop it!”  Priceless.


LF25 – Hey Google, find Mike’s website…


Have a great week.


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