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Weekly Market Review

Weekly Market Review

Good afternoon,

 We’re feeling old. A friend sent along this article about MLB Opening Day last week. This year, baseball has its first active player who was born in the 2000s. And there are no players left in the league who played in the 1990s. We know that we’re on the back nine of our life, but wow, does that make us feel old.

Our Wilson A2000 baseball glove, one of the finest ever made, is substantially older than today’s current players.

 Speaking of older Americans, we came across this article which says that half of older Americans do not have any retirement savings.

For the record, and we feel confident that compliance would not have a problem with us saying this, Zero retirement savings is not going to be enough. 

We see this type of article often, which is too bad. But fortunately, that situation is totally fixable. Simply start saving. Now. Doesn’t matter how old or how far along a person is in their life/career, it’s never too late to begin a retirement plan and/or investment program. Better late than never. And compliance shouldn’t bother us about this next observation either, most (all?) investors would prefer to have more money versus less money.

 We’ve mentioned AI, artificial intelligence, in the WMR before. We think, or rather we’re fairly certain, that AI is going to upend many industries and businesses as it evolves and becomes more accepted. What caught our attention about this story, is that AI is startlingly accurate when it comes to predicting a person’s death. The scientists fed the AI with various factors about the people and then let the system do its thing.

We’ve often joked in client meetings that if the client can give us a more precise idea of when they’ll be checking out, we can do a phenomenal investment plan. We’ll make sure that the last check they write for that black car that takes them away, bounces. The point, of course, is that we don’t know when that day might come and that running out of money before running out of time, is bad. And then we all chuckle and get busy with the planning work.

 But the article also started us thinking about something a little more philosophical. If indeed AI or something else could accurately predict your departure date, would you want to know? Hmmm, interesting. We can think of some reasons in support of both opinions. And that’s all we have to say about that. For now.

 Spring has arrived. Finally. Hopefully. So here are Important dates in April.

April 1 = April Fool’s Day

April 4 = Detroit Tigers home opener

April 5 = National Deep Dish Pizza day. Yes, it’s a thing,

One of the WMR’s favorite meals of all time. We unabashedly and enthusiastically recommend Gino’s East from Chicago. Other than being a 30 year customer, we have no affiliation nor receive any compensation for linking them here,

April 6 = National Caramel Corn day. Yes, it’s a thing,

One of the WMR’s favorite snacks of all time. We unabashedly and enthusiastically recommend Garrett’s from Chicago. Other than being a 30 year customer, we have no affiliation nor receive any compensation for linking them here,

April 7 = National Beer Day. Yes, it’s a thing. Obviously placed here in order to wash down the deep dish and caramel corn from the previous two days. The WMR will abstain from any recommendations here.

April 15 = Income tax filing deadline, unless you’ve filed an extension. Also last day to possibly make any 2018 retirement plan contributions, unless you’ve filed an extension.

April 21 = Easter Sunday

April 22 = Earth day

And there are many more important, or maybe not so important, days in April. Check them all out here,

Which makes us wonder…how do we get ourselves a day? Who do you petition for that? Is there some sort of Presidential commission on “National Days?” Would we need thousands of signatures on a petition? What would we call it? National WMR day? Everyone could exchange favorite WMR episodes and stories from the past. And we could all feast on pizza, caramel corn and beer. Sounds like a good day.

 Please allow us a side story, there is no business reason for this story, so if you’re short on time, you can stop reading now.

This week, we’ve mentioned both feeling old and favorite spots in Chicago. You’d think that the two wouldn’t have much in common, but in the Six Degrees of the WMR, of course they do. We are reminded of getting carded one time whilst in Chicago. One day, many years ago, we happened to be coming back from Chicago (we always drive to Chicago from the D, we’ll give you the math about why some other time). A friend happened to call us on our way. “What are you doing?” Well, we just left a conference in Chicago, we’re going to stop at Sam’s Fine Wines (a chain of Chicago wine stores, which have since gone out of business and were taken over by a group called Binnys, and then we’re going to head home. Our friend, who owned a liquor store at the time, says “Call me when you get to Sam’s.” Ok.

 Upon arrival, we called. “How much is their Cristal champagne?” He asked. It’s $200 per bottle. “Ok, buy me 3 bottles. I’m going to resell them for $250 each.” Ok. We grab the bottles and some other beverages and head to the cashier. We tell her, please ring up these 3 bottles separately and then ring up everything else. She says, “Ok, may I see your ID?” We start laughing as we hand her our proof of age. “What’s so funny?” She asks. We say, thanks for the compliment about our age, but when was the last time someone came through with a fake ID and tried to buy $600 worth of champagne? She chuckled, “yeah, I guess you’re right, never mind.”

 LF25 – “Age is a question of mind over matter. If you don’t mind, it doesn’t matter.” – various.

 Have a great week.

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