Physical Fitness

Mike not only believes in financial fitness, but he's also passionate about physical fitness. He spent many years in the fitness industry and continues to study physical fitness and nutrition regularly. This information is provided as a service and is not intended to be a recommendation in any way. This information is Mike's and does not represent the opinion of Lincoln Financial Advisors, or anyone else.

The process of building a healthy physical body is not that different than the process of building a healthy financial portfolio.

Step 1 - Fit meeting. Discovery process. How fit are you? How fit do you want to be?

Step 2 - Team Fit meeting. Develop strategies for diet and exercise. Gather data, take photos and measurements. Analyze current fitness and potential complications with SWOT analysis. Identify and discover opportunities.

Step 3 - Onboarding meeting. Welcome kit. Presentation of the physical fitness process. Discuss diet and exercise plan.

Step 4 - Deployment of solutions. Just do it. Implement diet and exercise solutions. Determine type and frequency of each.

Step 5 - Personalized fitness organizer. Coordinate and collaborate with trainer and physician. Track progress.

Step 6 - Ongoing strategy, tactical meetings. Monitoring progress. Adjust physical fitness plan as your life unfolds. Discuss future fitness strategies.