Longevity means living a long time. But it also means doing so in a healthy, active and disease free way. Blue Zones are 5 areas around the world where people live to 95 or more and are healthy and active. Each zone is different, but there are 9 traits in common.


Move naturally. Daily physical activity. Walking, climbing stairs, swimming, household chores, hiking, tending to a garden, etc. Non sedentary lifestyle

Purpose. A reason for getting up every morning

Down shift. A method for reducing stress every day

80% rule. Stop eating when they become 80% full

Plant slant. Mostly, but not all, plant based diet

Moderate alcohol. Usually 1-2 glasses per day. Usually wine. Usually red wine. No smoking

Belong. To some sort of faith. Doesn't matter which

Loved ones first. Families first. Parents and grandparents matter

Right tribe. An active social network with a close group of friends