Get Your Financial House In Order

Are you ok? How do you know?

Do you have your financial house in order?

What would happen to your loved ones if something happened to you?

Will your stuff get to who you want, how you want, when you want in a tax advantageous manner?

Does your family know where your stuff is located? Your accounts, your advisors, your safe deposit boxes, your collections, your valuables, your keepsakes? Do they know your wishes? 

Ask Mike about the Family Love Letter*. It covers the standard financial stuff, accounts and documents and advisors, but also some non financial issues. Where things are. Who gets what items. What would you like future generations to know. And other pertinent and important data. Such a document can come in very handy during times of confusion.

Let Mike help you get your financial house in order.





*Family Love Letter is a brochure produced by Axa, one of Lincoln Financial's insurance partners.